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Wholesale Litmus Papers (pH indicator)

Litmus Papers - Universal Indicator Papers - pH 1-14

Minimum order is 5 units @ $30 per unit.  Each unit is a case of 10 books of litmus papers.  Each book contains 20 Litmus Papers with colour chart to give you an indication of pH (acidity or alkalinity).

Purchase 10 units and the price is $20 per unit ($200 for a box of 10 units)

If you require smaller quantities then visit the Litmus pH Testing Papers page for individual books or cases.

These Litmus papers are a Universal Indicator Paper with a full pH range of 1-14.

Each book is 7cm x 1 cm and the case is 5cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

These litmus papers are not specific to winemaking so can be used to test anything that you need a pH reading for eg soil, water, fish tanks, swimming pools etc

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