Christmas deliveries and hours:  Last day to order to get your deliveries by Christmas for urban areas: North Island-Thurs 21st, South Island-Wed 20th.  Rural can take severa days longer.  Note these dates are aligned with delivery targets and are not guarantees.

We will be open over the Christmas break, but freight providers do not work on statutory holidays, so no deliveries will take place on statutory holidays.  We may not despatch orders containing yeast immediately to avoid yeast sitting on the network over a weekend or long weekend.

We will be answering support queries over the Christmas period within the 24 hour service standard.  However it may take longer than usual.

Hot weather and delivery timeframes:  With this very hot weather we are experiencing we may avoid sending items containing yeast over a weekend.  If relevant please include delivery instructions which avoid leaving orders including yeast sitting in the sun. Thanks for your understanding.

Merry Christmas!  Thanks for your business in 2017 and here's to a wonderful 2018.

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Carbonation Drops 180g

Brewmaster Carbonation Drops

You can make sparkling wine (or beer, ginger beer etc) by adding sugar to your wine/beer before bottling.  The sugar continues the fermentation process in the bottle and the CO2 released is trapped in the bottle, creating the bubbles (carbonation).  These carbonation drops can be used instead of sugar as a more accurate and easier way to add the sugar for the carbonation (bottle fermentation) stage.


Just add 2 carbonation drops to a 750ml bottle or 1 carbonation drop to a 375ml bottle.

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