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20 Johnson Litmus (pH) Testing Papers

20 Johnson Litmus (pH) Testing Papers

Each book contains 20 Litmus Papers in a book with colour chart to give you an indication of pH (acidity or alkalinity).

They are a Universal Indicator Paper with a full pH range of 1-14.

Or you can purchase the case which contains 10 books of 20 papers (total 200 papers).

Each book is 7cm x 1 cm and the case is 5cm x 7cm x 1.5cm

Yeast needs a pH of about 2.5 to 5.5 to ferment.  So, if you are having difficulty getting your ferment started and/or your ferment has stuck or is sluggish it is a good idea to test the pH.

As you judge the result by comparing with the colour chart it won't give you a precise reading but these are an inexpensive way to indicate if your must is too acidic or not acidic enough.

Great to have on hand to do a quick test when your ferment is not behaving the way you hoped!

These are not specific to winemaking so can be used to test anything that you need a pH reading for eg soil, water, fish tanks, swimming pools etc

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