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Cider and Mead Package

Out of Stock
5 litre carboy with bung and airlock
Siphon tubing
Cider and mead package ingredients

Out of stock sorry until Feb/March 2021.  In the meantime try our 11L Cider and Mead Package and we are working on a 23L version which will be listed by Christmas 2020.

All you need to make mead or cider or even wine from juice rather than whole fruit.


5 litre carboy with (NO LID) 
Siphon tubing
5g Lalvin EC1118 yeast
Nutrient (1/4 tsp (about 1.5g) Fermaid A)
1/8c (about 40g) Potassium metabisulphite (for sterlising must/wort and equipment)

You provide your own juice, honey and sugar.

Style, but not function, of any product MAY VARY.


Note: because this kit can be used for so many processes, no instructions are included

This kit is usually sent in recycled packaging.


You can choose to add bottling options:

Champagne stoppers and champagne wires - you can re-use your sparkling wine bottles if you are making sparkling wine

Novatwist premium screwcaps - you can reuse your wine bottles with screw caps

Clear glass bottles with screwcaps

Out of Stock
Out of Stock