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Deluxe Winemaking Package (Double / 5 Litre)

Sorbate (only for deluxe kits)
RURAL customers only (NI 5x5L, double kits)
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makewine.co.nz - Deluxe Winemaking Kit
5 litre carboy with bung & airlock for home winemaking
Mutton cloth for straining
Nylon straining bag
Siphon Clamp

Exclusive to makewine.co.nz - this is a complete home winemaking package - with all you need to start making your own delicious wine at home plus more!  Plus you get 2 deluxe home winemaking ingredients kits for 5 litres.

RURAL CUSTOMERS: Shipping is usually by Fastway/Aramex which may be slower than Courierpost. There is an option to pay extra for Courierpost which may be faster.

If you are making wine from winemaking grapes (as opposed to wine from fruit, vegetables etc) these kits can be used but they are more intended for fruit wine.  Check out our area on making wine from winemaking grapes.


The home winemaking equipment includes:
* 2 x 10L food grade plastic buckets with lids.  If you have 2 buckets it is much easier for straining your must and gives you somewhere to store all your other equipment
* 2 x 5 litre carboys / demijohns; so you have have 2 lots of wine fermenting at the same time and/or have somewhere to "rack" your wine in to. The carboys may vary slightly in style. 
* 2 x bungs with holes for the airlock
* 2 x Airlocks (may vary in style)
* Hydrometer (to measure the sugar content in your must - this will predict the alcohol content and you can monitor progress of the fermentation if required)
* Siphon tubing
* Straining options (select on right side of page) include (all options may not always be available)
          Small nylon bag (fits inside sieve/colander/funnel)
          Large nylon bag (fit inside bucket)
          Mutton cloth (use to line colander or sieve)
* Siphon clip to slow flow of wine when siphoning
* Optional stick on thermometer/s


We will also include 2 x 5 litre deluxe winemaking ingredients kits so except your fruit and your sugar you will now have everything you need to get started making our own scrumptious homemade wine. Each deluxe home winemaking ingredients kit includes:

* 1/8 cup (about 40g) Potassium Metabisulphite (same function as sodium metabisulphite or campden tablets). You use this to sterlise your equipment and your "must" (fruit mixture that you are fermenting).
* 1/2 tbsp (about 5g) pectolase enzyme to break down the pectin in your fruit so your wine is clearer
* 5g Lalvin EC1118 (or similar) professional winemaking yeast.
* 1/4 tsp (about 1.5g) Fermaid A professional winemaking yeast nutrient
* 1/2 tbsp (about 6g) GO-FERM® Protect, professional winemaking yeast nutrient / protectant
* 1 tsp (about 5g) citric acid to add acidity to your must
* 1/4 teaspoon tannin to add structure, bite and depth of flavour and assist with your wine's keeping ability.
* 1 tbsp (about 20g) bentonite finings (to help clear your wine)
* 1/2 teaspoon potassium sorbate (optional - no extra cost). Use this if you want your wine medium or sweet
Online Instructions and basic recipe 
* Unlimited email help and support



The yeast you choose may result in subtle differences to the end result BUT the main influences to your finished wine will be the fruit/raw ingredients you use.  As a general rule there is not a yeast for a particular fruit.  Dark fruits may benefit slightly from using a red wine yeast in that you may get more colour extraction and stability.  If you don't know what yeast to use, get EC1118 as it provides a robust, neutral ferment.


You can choose to add bottling options:

Champagne stoppers and champagne wires - you can re-use your sparkling wine bottles if you are making sparkling wine

Novatwist premium screwcaps - you can reuse your wine bottles with screw caps


Sorbate (only for deluxe kits)
RURAL customers only (NI 5x5L, double kits)
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Sorbate (only for deluxe kits)
RURAL customers only (NI 5x5L, double kits)
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