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Lalvin 71B Winemaking Yeast 5g Sachets

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Lalvin 71B-1122 Winemaking Yeast
Lalvin Home Winmaking Yeast Chart

Lalvin 71B Professional Winemaking Yeast. This is the product used by professional wineries.

5g is the amount for any quantity of wine up to 23 litres.

Suitable for whites, reds, rose, mead, cider.


  • sensory effect: esters
  • temperature range 15-30C
  • moderate speed ferment
  • alcohol tolerance 14%
  • sensitive competitive factor
  • low nutrient needs.


To "pitch" (add it to your wine) your yeast you should rehydrate for 20 minutes first:

  • Use room temperature booled cooled water - 50mls for 5g yeast.
  • If you are using it, add GO-FERM® Protect first.
  • Then add your yeast.
  • Stir gently - it will clump but don't worry about that as it will even out as it rehydrates.
  • Leave to sit for 20 minutes.
  • Make sure your wine is about the same temperature as the yeast when you stir in the yeast.


Lalvin 71B was isolated by the INRA (National Agricultural Research Institute) in Narbonne, France. Lalvin 71B is known for making blush and semi-sweet wines with a tropical fruit character. Long-lived aromas are due to its production of relatively stable esters and higher alcohols. Lalvin 71B also softens high acid musts by partially metabolizing malic acid.

Suitable for sweet or semi-sweet wines as once the alcohol content has reached 14% the fermentation will stop and any sugar will remain as residual sugar. 


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