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500g Pack of Yeast: Many varieties available

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500g Winemaking Yeast

Except Fermivin PDM (Prise de mousse) of which we hold a limited stock, these yeasts are subject to availability and are not held in stock so please allow a couple of extra days for delivery.

This product is not eligible for any further discounts.

This product is sold on the basis that any purchaser is knowledgeable as to the suitability of the strain selected.  The guarantee only applies if the product has been selected and used appropriately.


Please include the strain required in the comments box when ordering:

  • Enoferm AMH
  • Enoferm M1
  • Lalvin BM45
  • Lalvin R-HST
  • Lalvin RHONE 4600
  • Lalvin 71B
  • Uvaferm GHM
  • Uvaferm SVG
  • Cross Evolution
  • Enoferm BDX
  • Enoferm BGY
  • Enoferm CSM
  • Enoferm M2
  • Enoferm RP15
  • Enoferm SYRAH
  • Lalvin Ba11
  • Lalvin BM4X4
  • Lalvin BRL97
  • Lalvin C
  • Lalvin CLOS
  • Lalvin CY3079
  • Lalvin DV10
  • Lalvin EC1118
  • Lalvin ICV D21
  • Lalvin ICV D47
  • Lalvin ICV D80
  • Lalvin ICV D254
  • Lalvin ICV GRE
  • Lalvin K1-Marquee
  • Lalvin M
  • Lalvin QA23
  • Lalvin R2
  • Lalvin RC212
  • Lalvin Rhone 2056
  • Lalvin Rhone 2226
  • Lalvin Rhone 2323
  • Uvaferm 43
  • Fermiblanc
  • Fermirouge
  • Fermicru VR-5
  • Fermicru LVCB
  • Fermicru 4F9
  • Fermicru XL
  • Fermicru Rose
  • Fermichamp
  • Cepage UC331
  • Cepage LW05
  • Cepage 4882
  • Cepage L2868
  • Cepage LW06
  • Cepage LW07
  • Levuline BRG YSEO
  • Levuline ALS
  • Levuline Synergie
  • Levuline SEWA
  • Levuline L'ELEGANTE
  • Levure SP7
  • Vitilevure DV10
  • Vitilevure Sauvignon
  • Vitilevure Chardonnay
  • Vitilevure 58W3 Alsaflor
  • Vitilevure Quartz
  • Vitilevure MVO 3001
  • Vitilevure MT
  • Vitilevure Syrah YSEO
  • Vitilevure CSM YSEO
  • Vitilevure M83
  • Vitilevure EC1118
  • Vitilevure Elixir
  • Vitilevure So Delight
  • Siha 3
  • Siha 7 - Reisling
  • Siha 8
  • Vitilevure SYRAH YSEO
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