Ordering Yeast?  Please provide an instruction for courier to specific place they can leave the package to avoid heat/sun but do NOT say "leave in shade" because shaded areas change throughout the day.  We may not despatch orders containing yeast on a Friday.

100% Guarantee

makewine.co.nz backs up all our products (exceptions noted below) with 100% guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, we will refund or replace your products.  Guaranteed.

Also included in this guarantee is to provide replacement yeast if your ferment is failed or stuck. We provide the replacement yeast even if we identify you've made a mistake and there was nothing wrong with the yeast.



If you provide a rural address to ship the 23 litre carboy, this will be at your risk if it is lost of broken on the rural network.

For the 500g yeast packets, if ferment/s fail because you've made a mistake or you have selected or used the yeast in a manner that is was not intended, we will not replace or refund.  If it fails because there is something wrong with the yeast, you will still be covered.  If we can't identify why the ferment has failed, you will still be covered.