We are open at all Covid 19 levels.  Please provide CONTACTLESS delivery instruction.  Expect courier delays especially to Auckland and bulky rural. 

Orders are despatched within 1 working day of receiving payment.  Please be aware weather and road conditions can impact courier timeframes.

Thanks for visiting makewine & supporting this New Zealand owned and operated business :)



Grapefruit wine ready to bottle
Grapefruit wine ready to bottle
Kiwifruit wine ready to bottle
Kiwifruit wine ready to bottle

Frequently Asked Questions About makewine.co.nz

Berry and plum wine during fermentation
Berry and plum wine during fermentation

Here at makewine.co.nz we want to make sure your home winemaking experience is fun and successful.  If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please email us on info@makewine.co.nz and we will get back to you with an answer within one working day.

We think the only silly question is one you don't ask; so please feel free to ask us anything!


FAQs About makewine.co.nz

How do I know you are a real business and once I've paid I will receive my goods?

makewine.co.nz is a part-time home-based business which is solely e-commerce.  As such we do not have a "bricks and mortar" store which you can visit.  Nor do we list our phone number as we know how frustrating it is to ring a business and not have your call answered.  We do not list our exact address for security reasons.  So, we understand if you are at all nervous about ordering from us, especially the first time.  You can order many of our products on Trade Me if that gives you more confidence.  You can check out our feedback on Trade Me.

If you are paying by paypal, they have excellent buyer protection processes in place.  See the paypal website.

The advantages to you are that this keeps our operating costs low, so we can hand on those savings to you.  It also means you can shop online, with a few clicks of the mouse and your order will turn up promptly.  You don't need to phone anyone to confirm your freight amount or give your credit card details.

Can I pickup my order?  Can I speak to you on the telephone?

We do not offer pickups, nor do we make or take telephone calls - and we do not make any exceptions sorry.  Please don't ask as a refusal can often offend.  For this kind of business it is a far more efficient way of operating, thus keeping costs low and prices competitive.  We understand that some people prefer to deal with others person-to-person.  If you are this kind of person our best suggestion is to visit or telephone a homebrew store.  You can google homebrew store or look in the yellow pages.

How can I pay?

We accept most payment methods including credit cards (by paypal), internet or phone banking, manual deposits and cheques.  When you use our checkout facility you will select which option you like and you will be given instructions.  You can also view the instructions at our payment options page.

Where did you learn about home winemaking?

By doing it and reading about it!  I am still relatively new to home winemaking and am still learning.  But LOVE it, and especially love that I can enjoy a drink without worrying about how much it is costing me.  I just wish I knew how fun, easy and cheap it was 20 years ago!

What if I have problems with my home winemaking, will you help?

Absolutely!  If you encounter any problems or have any questions, please email us at info@makewine.co.nz and we will respond within 1 working day (usually sooner).

Why are your products so well-priced?  Are they any good?

makewine.co.nz is a home based business; so we can keep our costs low.  We can hand on this benefit to you, so you can enjoy making your own wine at a fraction of the cost.  Most of the products we stock are professional winemaking products; exactly the same as commercial wineries use.  And, all our products are very fresh.

We also keep our costs low by packaging in plastic bags rather than jars.  You can always transfer your products in to a jar or pottle when it reaches you.

Will makewine.co.nz sponsor my event / fundraising / club etc?

makewine.co.nz will certainly consider any approaches for sponsorship by donating a voucher or winemaking kit for you raffle or fundraising campaign.  Please email info@makewine.co.nz with no more than 1-page setting out what your fundraising is for and what promotion you will give us in return.

Grapefruit wine ready to bottle
Grapefruit wine ready to bottle
Kiwifruit wine ready to bottle
Kiwifruit wine ready to bottle