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Save Thousands By Making Your Own Wine

How much $$ could YOU be saving?

How much money could you save by making your own wine?
How much money could YOU save?

[The above figures are all calculated on your wine wine costing $1 per bottle to make.  The actual cost may be less or more depending on how much you spend on fruit and sugar and whether you buy your ingredients in bulk (much cheaper) or in a kit (more expensive, but more convenient)].

We all know it's hard to get by living on a budget; particularly if you are doing without those small luxuries that make life pleasurable.  For many of us (including this winemaker!) being able to enjoy a glass of wine is one of those luxuries; not so much though, if you're feeling guilty about blowing the household budget.

When you make your own wine, you can enjoy having a drink knowing that it has cost you next to nothing.

Now you don't need to spend ages searching out cheap wine - you can enjoy your own wine which you made for the fraction of what even the cheapest supermarket wine will cost you.

For more FREE budgeting advice contact your local budgeting service.